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S01E10 The Reason I Was Loosing Best Students

I am not anymore. When I started teaching classes, I wanted to train some new talents for the scene. I wanted to show how good I am in teaching and how fast I can train someone who is talented. I failed. I lost so many students who should have been able to be next Pamela,…

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First time I shot the video myself

Every dancing year we, Hoppers’ dance studio, start with Authentic jazz promo video. It’s just been a tradition that keeps going by itself. No big prep, no planning for a new video, but idea just comes, and then it’s the question of execution, which usually is not a problem. So this summer, me and Elze…

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Failing an aerial and the lesson from that

It’s been a long time since the last time I fell during an aerial and it’s the first time while doing the Frankie. After we caught breath, Elze was already excited to see the video. And I totally forgot about it. Now it’s really good to see what went wrong. Film yourself when you’re practicing.…

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