S01E12 Slow tempo music = lazy teacher


In classes we teach people to dance. They should be able to dance on social dance nights and parties. But are they practicing to the same music or at least tempos you or your DJ / band is playing during parties? Are you playing similar music on classes and parties?

It makes sense to teach at slow tempos. On slow tempo it’s easier to practice and understand for leads and follows what’s going on and anticipate what’s next. But if you keep only slow tempo during classes, don’t expect your students to be able to do the same stuff while they’re social dancing.

I encourage you to play the same music for socials and for classes. That will make you teach stuff that you would do on social dance floor yourself instead of some moves that work only in classes with only dancers who have been to that class practicing only with slow tempo.

Slow tempo makes you a lazy teacher. Stop being lazy and teach something that matters.

Look for what your students are doing on the social dance floor to real life music. That’s their base. Work from there. Build up from there. Add something to that kind of dancing.

The last Lindy Hop beginners group I started had this song for their first class. That’s 134 bpm. For the first class.

So please, don’t say it’s impossible to teach to the real life tempo music 😉 I know its slow, but it was first class.

On the other hand, I’ve seen some scenes where DJs would play slow tempos (100 – 120 bpm), because teachers teach with slow music and students are not able to dance to medium or faster tempo songs. That works. For a while.

So update your playlist, think about what you’re teaching next, go and do it.

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