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What I’ve noticed among my students and with myself, with every change of the service you use, you might stop using that service.

What I mean by that?

Every time you change timetable for the group of your students, some of them will not like it and drop out. You change the room, somebody won’t like it. You change teachers for the group, some of the students will not like it and drop out. Even if you bring better more experienced teachers, somebody will not enjoy them.

Do you have a super talented students you believe should try harder and move up a level. New teacher/material/time table might brings troubles.

Don’t change teachers unless you must

I want to emphasize the part about teachers most. I hear that quite often. In big studios, that have a few couples of teachers, there’s a rotation between groups/levels and teachers. For example a group of students will get different teacher each 1 month.

You might think “That’s so cool. Students will try different styles and different aspects of dancing from different teachers. They’ll improve faster.”

Yes, ones who keep taking classes might have a chance to improve faster.

But there will be students who don’t want to improve faster or don’t want to see different angles of a Swing Out. Your students try different teachers and they’ll pick their favorite. And they will want that couple and that’s it. What would you do in that case? What would you tell other teachers?

At Hoppers’ dance studio, where I teach, we don’t rotate teachers unless we have to. If one couple started teaching one group, they’ll stay together until changes must happen. But we don’t switch teachers around just because someone thought it might be better for students. It isn’t.

When people start taking classes, they stay because of the teachers and not because of the dance itself (in most cases). Teachers make their students fall in love with Lindy Hop. Students who fall in love, they do it because they connect with their teacher. They understand and like the way the teacher talks, thinks, explains, jokes and dances. So keep the same teachers for the same group until the changes has to be made.

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